Olivier Strebelle

Athletes Alley - Bejing 2008

Monumental Sculpture created by Olivier Strebelle for the site
of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008

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Atelier Olivier Strebelle
Athlete Alley

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Olivier Strebelle is a figurehead in Belgian modern and contemporary art. Active since the late forties, he has created some renown Belgian (« Cheval Bayard » in Namur, « Flight in Mind » at Zaventem Airport, « Phénix 44 » in Brussels, « Confluences » at the European Parliament, etc.) and international emblems (« Orchard Light » in Jeju in Korea, «l’Enlèvement d’Europe » Europa Square in Moscow, etc.).

The «Athletes Alley» is a creation that has matured over a period of more than 20 years, making it a unique sculpture in the world in size and style. Spread over 105m long, five modules of interlaced stainless steel tubes, erect from the ground up to 20m high. The group is gracefully figurative and organic. From one frontal focal point, the composition reveals five shapes carrying the Olympic rings. Subtle and intriguing, visitors will feel transported in this spatial maze.

The sculpture will be built in Beijing to be inaugurated at the end of the month of April, in view of the Olympic Games of 2008. The realization is a technical and technological prowess entirely supported by expert engineers and leading edge software. Five years ago, this construction would have been impossible.

Key Belgian multinationals and institutions have joined the “Partners’ Club” to support this outstanding and unique project. Baron Vastapane, Belgacom, CMB, Euronav, InBev, Janssen Pharmaceutica, La Loterie Nationale, Suez, Total and D’Ieteren, Delhaize Le Lion, Domo have subscribed to this landmark that will soon ensure the radiation of Belgium on one of the most modern and prestigious sites in the world.

A brand new website, www.athletesalley.be presents the project from its inception to the progressive design of construction maps to ultimately allow you to follow, “live”, the evolution of the construction of the sculpture during the first quarter of 2008. This dynamic presentation is completed by an array of useful information about all the elements that contribute to this Belgian artistic signature by Olivier Strebelle in the Olympic Parc of Beijing.

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